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It’s a New Day

January 10th, 2007 by Mike Vasilinda

Wanting to put his own imprint on state government,  The new resident at 700 North Adams Street (the address for the Governor’s Mansion) is asking the Senate to send back 283 late term  appointments made by Governor Jeb Bush.  THe appointemetns range from Community College trustees to two high profile PSC nominations. Here’s the press release and list.


DATE:   January 10, 2007
TO:     Interested Media
FROM:   Vivian Myrtetus, Governor’s Communications Director
RE:           Gubernatorial Appointments

Governor Charlie Crist today submitted the following letter to Senate President Ken Pruitt withdrawing 283 gubernatorial appointments for 100 boards, councils, districts and commissions. Each of these is subject to senate confirmation and has not been confirmed.

Governor Crist, as have many of his predecessors including Governor Jeb Bush, is withdrawing all pending nominations and will submit his nominations in the coming weeks and months.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call the Governor’s press office at (850) 488-5394.

# # #

January 10, 2007

Honorable Ken Pruitt
President, The Florida Senate
Suite 409, The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Dear President Pruitt:

     Please be advised that I am today withdrawing the following gubernatorial appointments which are subject to Senate confirmation but have not yet been confirmed:

Apalachee Regional Planning Council, Region Two:

Readford, Dawn E.
Grant, Henry G.
Davies, Ellen Y. 

Barbers’ Board:

Bordelon, Roland F.
Magda, Peter David

Board of Acupuncture:

Rosello, Gloria

Board of Architecture and Interior Design:

Grigsby, Mary Jane
Solera, Lourdes
Kuritzky, Eric D.

Board of Athletic Training:

Coffey, George N.
Brunett, Marisa

Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel:

Bertlolf, Roger L.
Goldberg, Barbara K.
Madan, Nilia M.
Breckenridge, Tonia A.

Board of Dentistry:

Gainey, Elmira R.
Levsky, Stanley S.
Melzer, Carl J.

Board of Directors, Enterprise Florida, Inc.

High, Joshua
Pizarro, Pedro R.

Board of Directors, Florida Development Finance Corporation:

Jones, William C.
Harris, Jerry L.
Tesch, Peter
Board of Directors, Space Florida

Haney, Russell E.
Wiendl, Joseph
Feeney, Ellen S.
Baker, Jr., Silas K.
Murphy, Robin R.
Newton, Lloyd W.
Stadd, Courtney A.
Walker, John H.
Davis, Jr., Jimmie L.
Tolley, James
Ford, Kenneth M.
Spulak, Gary J.

Board of Employee Leasing Companies

      Maloney, Dale

Wenzel, Robert

Board of Hearing Aid Specialists:

      Pickard, Robert E.
      Oakley, Thomas

Board of Landscape Architecture:

      Bowden, Robert E.
      Graham, Jr., Philip H.

Board of Massage Therapy:

Hall, Alfonza L.

Board of Medicine:

Beebe, John W.
Tucker, Elisabeth D.
Espinola, Trina E.
Peters, Thomas G.
Lage, Onelia G.
Rosenberg, Steven

Board of Nursing:

Habgood, Mary Kay
Nelson, Deana L.
Powers, Patsy J.
Savage, Tracy K.
Kemp, Barbara R.
Mobley, Donall J.

Board of Nursing Home Administrators:

Johnson, Keith E.

Board of Orthotists and Prosthetists:

Moya, Roberto A.
McCluney, Jr., Timothy H.

Board of Osteopathic Medicine:

Burns, Ronald R.
Andriole, James M.

Board of Physical Therapy Practice:

Trittschuh, John C.

Board of Podiatric Medicine:

Frisch, Dennis R.

Board of Professional Engineers:

Tomasino, Paul
Bloomquist, David
Hogenkamp, Katherine
Garcia de Quevedo, Nola

Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers:

Cooner, Jeffrey C.
Clodfelter, Mary Hannah
Poppell, Frances C.
Lebron, Louis J.
Greer, Sydney H.

Board of Trustees, Florida A & M University:

Tyson, Jesse J. 

Board of Trustees, Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind:

Dillon, Mary Jane
McCaul, Owen B.
Wagner, Christopher D.
Weedon, Gerald W.
Rojas, Maria

Board of Trustees, Florida State University:

Busch-Transou, Susie
***Furlow, Jessie V.*** – deceased
Bense, Allan G.

Board of Trustees, Miami Dade College:

Villamil, Marielena A.
Alvarez, Cesar A.
Calderina, Carolina

Board of Trustees, New College of Florida:

Dupree, Jerome 

Board of Trustees, South Lake County Hospital District:

Hari, Aashiv   

Board of Trustees, University of South Florida:

Sembler, Debbie Nye    

Board of Veterinary Medicine:

Leonard, Jr., R.B.
Vega, Sergio
Love, Susan K.
Hurley, Lisa M.

Citrus County Hospital District:

Langer, David

Coastal Rivers Basin Board, Southwest Florida Water Management District:

Miskimen, George W.

Commission for Independent Education:

Rodgers, Judy
Mulherin, Lynn
Bradley, Nancy M.
James, III, Frank A.
Regueiro, Maria C.     

Council on Efficient Government:

Spinner, Ernest
Clarke, D.V.
Johnson, William A.    
Jim Zingale
Lucy Hadi
Tom Lewis
District Board of Trustees, Brevard Community College:

Tsamoutales, Kimberly Hill
Theriac, James

District Board of Trustees, Broward Community College:

      Douglass, Georgette Sosa

Williams, Levi G.

District Board of Trustees, Central Florida Community College:

      Fakhoury, Riadh

Runnels-Sullivan, Carol

District Board of Trustees, Chipola College:

Padgett, John W.
Plummer, Mark S.

District Board of Trustees, Daytona Beach Community College:

Graham, Jr., John E.
Hosseini, Forough B.

District Board of Trustees, Edison College:

Parrish, Jr., Randall T.
Gorvine, Enid S.
Houghton, Jr., W. Mahlan
Klein, David M.

District Board of Trustees, Florida Community College at Jacksonville:

Asay, Linda H.
Smith, Emily B.
Weinstein, Michael B. 

District Board of Trustees, Florida Keys Community College:

      Scales, III, Edwin A.
      Yacovone, Edward F.

District Board of Trustees, Gulf Coast Community College:

Isler, III, Charles S.
Cramer, Jr., William Cato
Myers, Stephen Carlton
Sumner, William C.

District Board of Trustees, Hillsborough Community College:

Gonzalez, W. Edward
Hill, Chappella I.

District Board of Trustees, Indian River Community College:

Kirton, Cheryl
Abernethy, Bruce R.
Perez, Tomas Rene
Syfrett, Linda T.

District Board of Trustees, Lake City Community College:

Surrency, Jim
Wall, Harriett
Kennedy, Donald R.     
Landon, Stevie

District Board of Trustees, Lake-Sumter Community College:

Childers, Richard D.
Norman, Joe M.
Pruitt, William R.

District Board of Trustees, Manatee Community College:

Boone, Stephen K.
DuPont, III, Francis I.

District Board of Trustees, North Florida Community College:

Boatright, Jr., J. Walter
Gibson, Linda F.
Helvenston, IV, B.W.
Land, Debra B. 

District Board of Trustees, Okaloosa-Walton College:

Wilkerson, Wesley
Wells, Esteena Kry
Hall, Connie S.

District Board of Trustees, Palm Beach Community College:

Kirby, Kenneth B.

District Board of Trustees, Pasco-Hernando Community College:

Gavish, Jeanne M.
Parker, Judy R.
Chesnut, Philip H.     

District Board of Trustees, Pensacola Junior College:

Norris, Celeste
Usry, Dona W.
Young Deidre
Caldwell, Harry Miller 

District Board of Trustees, Polk Community College:

Ross, Cynthia Hartley  

District Board of Trustees, Saint Johns River Community College:

Beck, Jr., Carl C.
Lancaster, Larry R.
Sloan, Preston B.      

District Board of Trustees, Saint Petersburg College:

      Johnston, W. Richard

Gibbons, Deveron M.    

District Board of Trustees, Santa Fe Community College:

Weingart, Breck A.
Brashear, Glenna F.
Bradley, Winston F.
McRae, Arley   

District Board of Trustees, Seminole Community College:

Dorworth, Christopher E.
English, Charles W.    

District Board of Trustees, South Florida Community College:

Cullens, Tamela C.
DeLatoree, Gary
Hartt, Joan H.

District Board of Trustees, Tallahassee Community College:

Ghazvini, Alisa

District Board of Trustees, Valencia Community College:

Moore, Edward A.
Oliver, III, Lewis M.
Maguire, III, Raymer F.

East Central Florida Regional Planning Council, Region Six:

Carlson, Sue D.
Cubillos, Aileen I.
Grulich, Maria A.
Greer, James A.
O’Keefe, Daniel T.     

Electrical Contractors Licensing Board:

Bellemare, Pierre A.
Sandefer, Paul W.
Falany, Curtis E.      

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

Barreto, Rodney

Florida Black Business Investment Board, Incorporated:

Nembhard, Mortlake
Addison, Clifton
Keys, Jr., Brady

Florida Board of Auctioneers:

Hill, Jody
Shearer, Don
Dietrich, III, H. Fred

Florida Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board:

McCormick, Robert S.
Sheridan, Charles M.
Armstrong, Linda J.
John Upchurch

Florida Commission on Community Service:

O’Meara, Vicki A.
Wilke, Pauline
Armstrong, Jack David
Andrew, Michael
Traviesa, Andreina
Adams, Jane
Woodfaulk, Flora
Ramsay, David
Payne, Jr., Willard    
Henderson, Ann
Towlers, Susan
Weinrich, Carl

Florida Commission on Human Relations:

Hopkins, Anne H.
Singer, Gilbert M.
Valle, Mario M.

Florida Commission on Tourism:

Stork, Thom
Fowler, R. Dean
Gill, Linda L.
Christian, Ty  

Florida Elections Commission:

Glymph, Cassandra

Florida Housing Finance Corporation:

Banks, Jr., James F.
Oellerich, Dave E.
Rodriguez, Jose Luis
Vargo, Vicki   

Florida Prepaid College Board:

Sjostrom, Erin B.              

Florida Public Service Commission:

Littlefield, Kenneth W.
Arriaga, Isilio

Florida Real Estate Commission:

Stutler, Denver “Denny” J.

Florida Transportation Commission:

Marchena, Marcos R.    

Governing Board, Northwest Florida Water Management District:

McMillan, Philip K.
Pate, Jerome

Governing Board, South Florida Water Management District:

Burt-Stewart, Miya     

Governor’s Mansion Commission:

Aurell, Jane C.

Higher Education Facilities Financing Authority:

Ploessl, Jodie M.      

Hillsborough County Civil Service Board:

Bruno, Christine K.    

Jacksonville Transportation Authority, Duval County:

Johns, A.J.

Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County:

Smith, Joseph A.
Sayler, Van C.         
Caramello, Janet

Manasota Basin Board, Southwest Florida Water Management District:

Bispham, Paul J.

North Central Florida Regional Planning Council, Region Three:

Maultsby, Charles T.
Smith, Andrew P.
Urban, Frank A.
O’Neil, Gerald T.
Dodge, David
Thomas, Lorene J.

Northeast Florida Regional Planning Council, Region Four:

Barber, Ginger
Stern, Karen R.
Netts, Jonathan S.
Duncan, Todd E.
Larson, III, Charles W.

Parole Commission:

David, Monica

Pilotage Rate Review Board:

Corn, Daniel W.
Leshe’, Robert J.
Johnson, Jr., Clarence 

Pinellas-Anclote Basin Board, Southwest Florida Water Management District:

Hoppe, Janet P.

Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers:

Goodwin, Morris W.
Brown, M.H. Chris
Moran, Kelly   

South Florida Regional Planning Council, Region Eleven:

Holodak, Edward F.
Walters, Sandra
Wallace, Paul R.       

Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council, Region Nine:

Weikel, Frank C.
Karau, Melvin E.
Dubin, Rory A. 

State Board of Education:

Fair, Talmadge W.
Handy, F. Philip       

State of Florida Correctional Medical Authority:

      Tedder, Deborah A.
      Wynn, Mary Jane

Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, Region Eight:

Kinsler, Angeleah C.
Vance, Kim H.
Parker, Jr., George F.
Nunez, Jr., Andres E.
Cavallo, Michele J.
Waller, Charles D.
Johnson, Russell T.    

Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, Region Ten:

Foley, Kevin J.
Davenport, Jr., Laurence F.
Parrish, Reece J.      
Brosemer, Donna

Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council, Region Five:

Bertoch, Carl A.
Johnston, III, Joseph E.
Gilbert, III, Ulysees L.
Dooley, Daniel O.
Selph, Walter E.
Powers, Linda F.
Abshier, Jr., R. Edward
Sawyer, Joseph W.              
Trimpert, Eugene       

Withlacoochee River Basin Board, Southwest Florida Water Management District:

      Nathe, Patricia

Please return all evidence of these appointments.


Charlie Crist

Cc: Kurt Browning, Secretary of State  

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