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Cities Call Yes On 1 Ads Misleading

January 10th, 2008 by flanews

The Florida League of Cities says the Yes on 1 TV ads that urges people to vote for a property tax cut on January 29th are misleading.† The League of Cities says all homeowners wonít benefit, but first-time homebuyers will have a bigger tax burden.† The group also doubts the claims that the homestead exemption will double.

ďIt claims that itís a double homestead, said the League’s John Thomas.† “And itís not because the additional homestead only applies to other portions, not the school portion, of the tax bill.† So itís not a full $25,000 homestead exemption.

The League of Cities also predicted local millage rate increases.

ďWith the millage rates and the rollback requirement thatís in the provision, it will have the potential impact of raising property taxes,” Thomas said.† “Thatís just the way that it is unfortunately.† I donít think the citizens know.† Thatís why weíre opposed and we want folks to understand that.Ē

Amendment One opponents have raised $320,000 for their campaign so far.

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