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Board Approves Evolution as Theory, Not Fact

February 19th, 2008 by flanews

Evolution will be taught in Florida public schools, despite months of opposition from creationist. A divided State Board of Education says evolution will be taught as a scientific theory not a fact, but as Whitney Ray tells us people on both sides of the issue still have problems with the amendment.

Hear it here: Board Approves Evolution as Theory, Not Fact

Tuesdays Board of Education meeting was packed with people who wanted evolution taught in public schools.

I ask you to oppose those who attempt to build up God by tearing down science, said one supporter.

An equal number said the science is flawed.

There are problems with carbon dating, massive gaps with missing links, said one objector.

An hour after it began.

Fortunately my monkey DNA has a thick skin and a sense of humor, said board member Roberto Martinez.

Two proposals were on the table. Teach Evolution as a scientific fact or teach students the scientific theory of evolution. With four resounding yeses, a third option was mandated for Florida students. The board adopted a compromise calling for students to be taught A theory of evolution. Not The theory.

People on both sides of the issue werent upset with the final decision, but they werent necessary happy either.

Chemistry Professor Gerry Meisels helped write the original proposal and doesnt like the changes.

Its not a perfect answer, I wouldnt say that. I think many of us are disappointed a board of non scientist define words that are not common uses in science, said Meilsels.

Despite the passionate views of the adults, it will now be left up to kids to make up their own minds about the origin of man. Evolution will start being taught in Florida public school this fall.

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