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Tornado Victims Lucky to Be Alive

March 7th, 2008 by Mike Vasilinda

An apparent tornado knocked down trees and damaged several homes this morning in Captola, a small town 10 miles east of the state capitol in Tallahassee. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, at least three resident there had a near brush with death.

This house was blown two feet off its foundation. Dian Chase was in bed at the time.

“You could feel it,” Chase said.  “It was like a vacuum, just poof, the air just went like that. And I ran and the windows were breaking and we got in the bathroom.”

This huge tree narrowly missed Dian’s home, even though spared by the tree, the 100 year old house is heavily damaged.

“The house is creaking,” Chase said. “I don’t know if it’s going to collapse or what.”

Initial reports of injuries and fatality turned out not to be true. But looking at the damage, it’s almost a miracle.

Skid marks in the mud show how just how far Krista Norton’s car was blown off the road

“Limbs and trees and stuff coming towards me, water,” Norton said. “And my car, the wind and stuff just shifted my car and pushed it down the hill.”

Krista’s mom, Vivian, was right behind her and is even luckier. A three foot long, 8 inch think limb crashed through her rear window as she followed her daughter. It went through the back of the drivers seat and shoved it forward off its tracks.

“My hip is hurting in the back and something punched me on my arm,” Vivian Norton said.

The shed that housed this horse was completely destroyed.  A gash clearly visible on its chest.

The storm cut a path 2 football fields wide and six football fields long…shaking the nerves of hundreds of people and animals.

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