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Ben Stein Wants Lawmakers to Protect Teaching Against Evolution

March 12th, 2008 by flanews

Last month the Florida Board of Education approved teaching the theory of Evolution in Floridas classrooms. Since then, Republican lawmakers have filed legislation to protect teachers who present holes in Darwins theory to their students. As Whitney Ray tells us, a celebrity is supporting the bill but the ACLU says the legislation is really about teaching religion in the classroom.

Hear it here: Ben Stein Lobbies Lawmakers to Protect Teaching Against Evolution

The movie Expelled claims people who argue against the theory of evolution are losing their jobs and being persecuted. Ben Stein produced the documentary. Stein was in Tallahassee Wednesday, to support proposed legislation to protect teachers who want to debate the origin of man.

I dont think the bill is aimed at protecting intelligent design. Its aimed at protecting freedom of speech, said Stein.

Last month, Floridas Board of Education approved a measure that requires teaching the theory of evolution in public schools. Since then lawmakers filed the academic freedom bill. ACLU members said the bill is religion in disguise

This has nothing to do about academic freedom, this has to do religion, this is an attempt to circumvent what the board of education decided to do in Florida, said Larry Spalding of the ACLU.

Propionates of the bill hope Ben Steins movie can persuade lawmakers. Theres a free screening of the movie for lawmakers. The public and the media arent invited. Some said the screening is state business and banning citizens is illegal. Organizers of the event say lawmakers wont discuss the film so the meeting isnt open.

I guess if they do what they say theyre going to do, its not an open meeting. If they do what everybody thinks theyre going to do, then theyre violating open meeting laws, said Spalding.

Steins documentary claims information about evolution is being kept from students, but that hasnt stopped him, at least for now, from keeping his movie from them either. Expelled is set to hit movie theaters by the middle of April.

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