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Costume and Cookie Poll

October 31st, 2008 by Mike Vasilinda

Costume sellers claims to be able to predict the outcome of the election based on how many candidate masks they sell. And Retail Bakers claim their sale of Obama and McCain cookies are closely tracking polls, so we sent Mike Vasilinda to check the story out this Halloween.

Obama and McCain Masks have been flying off the shelves. Costume wholesalers claim their mask sales have mirrored election outcomes since 1980. This store is sold out of both the McCain and Obama masks. Were told the Obama masks went first. And we also know who is not popular. George Bush and Hillary Clinton

George Bush sold more masks than Al Gore or John Kerry. Now the buy costumes.com website has Obama ahead of McCain…nationally and in Florida.

Shopper Rita Hodsdon has her doubts, and she even suspects dirty tricks.
If Im for McCain, says the retiree, I might want to make fun of Obama, so I might buy an Obama mask. It doest mean Im in favor of Obama.

It not just masks. At Tasty Pastry Bakery, Owner Brenda OKelley says Obama is holding a slight edge in cookie sales.If there friend votes for Obama, says the baker, theyll give them a McCain. Some offices will only bring certain cookies in.

We found customer Sherelle Barber buying 3 Obama cookies, and yes…she says she voted for Obama. I think its pretty accurate. I see people in here buying them.

For now the candidates themselves are ignoring the costume and cookie polls…and coming to Florida to fight for votes the old fashioned way.

You can track the results yourself as the election gets nearer, for costume masks the web site is http://www.buycostumes.com and for cookies it is : http://bakery-net.com/news_briefs/0929_presidential_cookie_poll/

Have fun and remember to vote…for real.

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