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Fugitive Pilot Recuperating

January 14th, 2009 by Mike Vasilinda

The bizarre Story of an Indiana man who crashed his plane to fake a suicide ended late last night in a campground outside Tallahassee. Federal agents arrested fugitive financial manager Marcus Schrenker. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, Schrenker was near death from an attempted suicide when he was found.

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Plastic gloves on this picnic table are the only signs that something unusual happened at this campground 40 miles west of Tallahassee. The US Marshall that led the arrest team says he found the fugitive near death.

There was a wound to the left wrist area which was a slash, a deep slash. And there was more like a puncture wound to the lower arm, US Marshall Frank Chinmento said.

The motorcycle riding Schrenker checked into the campground Monday, saying he was traveling cross-county with friends who continued on. He bought a six pack, some water, and firewood, paying owner Caroline Hastings in small bills.

We actually chit-chatted and he was very friendly, Hastings said. He paid for one night. The next day, usually when theyre on a motorcycle they leave fairly early, they want to get a good ride in early. He didnt leave.

And he never paid for a second day.

When Schrenker arrived here Monday, he was given the campsites wireless internet code. He then apparently used his own laptop to send an email, which helped authorities trace him here.

We found packets of the pain reliever Ultracet at the camp site. Gadsden Sheriffs spokesman Jim Corter confirms they were Schrenkers.

We think he did it for two reasons. One, its a blood thinner and we think that would have also assisted in his suicide attempt, Corter said. He also had taken a bunch of aspirin. With the depth of the cut and the amount of blood, that medicine probably sped up the bleeding process.

While near death when captured, Schrenker is improving and expected to leave the hospital for a jail cell Thursday or Friday.

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