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Teachers Take Tenure Fight to the Governor

April 9th, 2010 by flanews

The most controversial bill in this legislative session is on Governor Charlie Crists desk and thousands of cries for a veto are pouring in from across the state. The bill eliminates tenure for teachers and bases their pay raises on student test scores. As Whitney Ray tells us, phone lines in the governors office are jammed with teachers trying to convince Crist to veto the bill.

It was too little too late for teachers desperately trying to change votes in the House. A nine hour session ending at 2:35 in the morning sent Senate Bill Six to the Governors desk. Setting up a final battle scenario playing out over the next seven days.

State Senator Dave Aronberg tweeted just seconds after the House voted. He put the governors phone number on the internet and asking people to voice their opposition.

The legislature is top down. They do what the leadership tells them to do. This thing was going to roll to the governors mansion, the governor though says he the peoples governor and thats why these calls and emails can work, said Aronberg.

Friday Morning Special Education Teacher Margaret Wood picked up the phone.

Her calls to the governors office went straight to a voicemail box already filled to capacity. Her attempts to tell the governor that if he signs the legislation shell end her 33 year career were unsuccessful.

The bill says that if you have bachelors, masters, or a PHD, its all the same. Were in education, how can education not matter? I just find it insulting. I will retire, said Wood.

The Florida Education Association says their members will be pushing for a veto the whole way.

We hope that he listens to the people of Florida as they call in and tell him what they think of this bad legislation, said Pudlow.

Crist says he wants to do whats right for the Children of Florida without consideration of his political future but teachers are voters and his signature on the bill will cost him at the ballot box.

Before the bill passed last night the governor had already received 87-hundred emails from people opposed to Senate Bill 6 and just eight in favor of the bill. Add todays action and the calls, emails, and faxes total more than 20-thousand.

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