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Independent Charlie

April 20th, 2010 by Mike Vasilinda

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is confirming that he is considering running for the US Senate as an Independent. The confirmation comes on the heels of a poll showing Crist losing the GOP primary but winning in a three-way race between the Democrats, Crist and Republican Marco Rubio. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, Crist could remain a registered Republican and still run with no party affiliation.

Governor Charlie Crist says he is on a listening tour…getting phone calls and text messages asking him to either remain a Republican or run for the US Senate as an independent.

When asked about the Washington establishment wanting him to either drop out of the race or stay in the GOP, Crist minced no words.

I think Ill take the advice of the people in Florida, instead of the advice of people in Washington,” Crist said. “Theyve tried to tell us a lot. I dont think we need to listen to them.

The confirmation that hes even considering a run as an independent comes on the heels of a poll showing Charlie Crist winning a three-way race. He has stopped running this ad bashing his GOP Opponent Marco Rubio.

Florida Republican Party Chairman John Thrasher believes an independent candidacy will hurt the GOP.

I think Republicans are going to support the nominee,” Thrasher said. “And I think thats what Republicans are going to do. Thats why I would encourage him to stay as a Republican.

Former Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Screven Watson thinks an independent run also hurts his party.

Some things his done in this session, I think, would drag some Democratic votes away from Congressman Meek,” Watson said.

Under state law, Charlie Crist would be able to keep his Republican registration and still file for the U.S. Senate with no party Affiliation. And hed still be able to keep every dime hes raised.

Asked if even considering a no party affiliation put the governor in an unusual position, Crist responded…

These are unusual times,” he said.

Crist has until April 30th to file his paperwork for the US Senate Race.

One obstacle to an Independent candidacy for the Governor is fundraising. National and state parties typically provide millions in support, and Crist would not have that advantage as an independent.

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