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Qualifying 2010: Scott v. McCollum

June 17th, 2010 by Mike Vasilinda

The most expensive and nastiest Republican primary for Governor took shape today in Tallahassee. Billionaire political newcomer Rick Scott and veteran Bill McCollum both filed paperwork and paid a qualifying fee to be on the August 24th ballot. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, it did not take long for the gloves to come off.

Rick Scott filed his paperwork first.

Well, its official, Im a candidate of this great state of Florida,” Scott said.

Bill McCollum missed Scott by just 15 minutes. Both men paid the seventy eight hundred and 16 dollar fee.

Great, then Im qualified then,” McCollum said.

This was Scotts first trip to the capital as a candidate and he made the rounds. A local TV show, then a roast at a political luncheon.

At each stop, his theme was the same: less government, more accountability, and change.

Weve got to have big change, we cant just keep electing career politicians and all of the old games that keep going on,” Scott said. “We need to make big changes and keep do the right thing and use common sense.

McCollum, who Scott portrays as a career politician, brought a Tea Party backer and the incoming Speaker of the House with him, doing nothing to change the insider image. But McCollum was quick to point out Scotts baggage.

Heres a fellow who presided over the largest Medicare fraud in history with Columbia HCA which ripped off the taxpayers,” McCollum said.

He comes up with attacks,” Scott said. “Hes a desperate politician. So, thats what happens when you upset the apple cart.

The latest polls have Rick Scott ahead by double digits, but the election isnt for another 68 days and anything could happen.

The next two months are expected to be the nastiest and the most expensive GOP primary for Governor in Floridas history.

Scott dismisses the attacks by McCollum as a desperate politician conducting politics as usual. McCollum says the choice is clear.

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