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Chiles Wildcard

June 22nd, 2010 by flanews

A former Democrat turned independent candidate for governor is ignoring calls from Democrats to drop out of the governorís race. Bud Chiles, son of former governor Lawton Chiles, entered the race at the last minute, because he says he didnít like what he was seeing from the candidates. As Whitney Ray tells us, thereís fear among Democrats and cheering among Republicans over the Chiles campaign.

Just days after Bud Chiles announced his intentions to run for governor as an independent, Quinnipiac released a poll showing one in five Florida voters would cast their ballot for the son of former Democrat Governor Lawton Chiles.

But political experts say 20 percent voter approval this late in the race isnít enough and Chiles doesnít have a the war-chest to hang his picture beside his fatherís outside the governorís office.

Thatís why behind the scenes Democrats are asking Chiles to step aside. They believe Chiles will siphon off enough votes from their candidate Alex Sink to deliver the election to the Republican nominee.

Last week, Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson took his plea public: calling Chiles a spoiler.

ďI’m not a spoiler in this race; the system is spoiled by money,Ē said Chiles.

Sink, who asked Chiles several times to stay out of the race, has now resorted to ignoring him.

ďThere will be many candidates in the campaign, many candidates names on the ballot in November and I intend to run an aggressive campaign,Ē said Sink.

But running is one thing, winning is another. Winning takes cash, and Chiles isnít taking money from lobbyists or any donation over 250 dollars; an ethical stand in a race where 10ís of million of dollars will be spent.

The 20 percent support Chiles received in the most recent Quinnipiac Poll was tallied after Chiles had official been in the race for just four days. The next poll will give a clearer picture of just how popular the Chiles campaign is.

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