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New Skimmer Law Goes on the Books This Weekend

September 27th, 2016 by flanews

October 1st means some new laws will be on the books in Florida, and as Matt Galka tells us, one hopes to keep your money safer while you’re filling up your tank.

For too long, crooks were pumping money from Floridian’s wallets by installing skimmers at gas pumps around the state.  A new law going into effect this weekend hopes to crack down on it.

Aaron Keller with the Department of Agriculture says they’ve discovered more than 300 gas skimmers around that state since last year – all with the ability to steal someone’s financial information. It might not sound like a lot, but…

“Each skimmer can take advantage of 100 consumers for north of $1,000 each, so it’s really a big problem,” said Keller.

The law going on the books October 1st would make the crime a second degree felony – which could carry 15 years of prison time.  That’s up from a third degree felony with only five years maximum behind bars.

“It used to be a slap on the wrist if someone was found with these devices or committing this crime and it really bumps it up to a much strong penalty,” said Keller.

Gas stations would also be required to at minimum have security tape on the side of their pumps, with broken tape an indicator of a possible skimming situation.

The new law also makes it easier to charge someone in possession of counterfeit credit cards.  It used to take 10 fake cards for someone to get hit with a second degree felony…now it will only take five.

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