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House Speaker Corcoran supports open, campus, and airport carry

January 10th, 2017 by Mike Vasilinda

House Speaker Richard Corcoran says he strongly supports the end of gun free zones on colleges, airports and other places guns are prohibited. Lawmakers delayed a vote this afternoon on legislation that could have allowed the states one point six million concealed carry permit holders to carry on campuses and airports. Corcoran says its time to try something new.

“Why don’t we allow those people to lawfully carry their constitutional right in that zone and see what happens to violence in those areas” says Corcoran. “Let’s see what happens to violence on campuses when that takes place.  What you’re going to find what you could look at back at historical places at where there was guns allowed and no guns allowed, where there are states that have concealed weapons permits and those that don’t, you’ll see the gun violence tracks when you have a empowered Second Amendment violence goes down when you strip that constitutional amendment and take those rights away from people gun violence goes up.”

The legislation is expected to have it’s first vote in committee later this month.

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