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Whiskey wall legislation clears first committee

January 26th, 2017 by Mike Vasilinda

A State Senate panel today approved a bill allowing big box stores like Walmart and Target to sell liquor inside the store instead of in a separate location. The vote came over the protests of traditional liquor stores who say the change will make booze more available to teens. Charles Bailes is the CEO of ABC Liquors.

“Kids don’t really buy alcohol as much as they steal it, and the more accessible it is the more its going to be stolen, and you don’;t have to look back far to look at the state of Washington and what happened there” say Bailes.

A teen in Washington drank a six pack before being arrested for shoplifting, Sponsor Anitere Flores says the same thing could happen in Florida now, and keeping liquor separate won’t change that.

“They have beer and wine in a big box store, and we’ll have liquor in a big box store. that’s all the bill does” says Flores. “It didn’t change anything about obtaining a liquor license,  so each individual store if they want to go out and start selling liquor, they’ll have to make their case before DBPR. The bill doesn’t change anything about that. It just says you don’t have to have in a separate store.”

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