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Recess bill watered down but alive

March 28th, 2017 by Mike Vasilinda

At it’s last meeting today, a House subcommittee approved a watered down recess bill. A movement called recess moms had wanted five days of recess, each lasting twenty minutes for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. The version approved today stops at third grade. Sponsor Rene Plasencia says the measure was all the House was willing to accept.

“So it won’t take away the daily mandate of recess because you would still have the ability to have recess on the days you have physical education. On the days that you don’t then you are obligated to have recess” explained the House sponsor afterwards.

Florida PTA Legislative Chair Angie Gallo says without compromise there would have been no bill.

“We do have concerns. We have concerns about it opening up the PE statute. We’re concerned that it only addresses K through 3, but it’s a process and this is only step one in the process and we look forward to working with them as it goes forward” says Gallo.

Q: And this is better than nothing?”

“This is absolutely better than nothing and we do have the Senate version which I believe is slated to go to the floor this week or next week”.

The Senate Version has five days of recess with no encroachment on PE classes.

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