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Ayala Fallout

April 4th, 2017 by Jake Stofan
House Republicans Tuesday morning, blasted the State Attorney who is refusing to seek death sentences as a matter or principle.
Embattled 9th District State Attorney, Aramis Ayala, came to the Capitol Monday night to defend herself by speaking to the Black Caucus.
“I have a duty and a responsibility to seek justice and to do what is right. That’s what I have done,” said Ayala
Ayala said the Governor’s removal of 22 potential death cases because of her refusal to seek death sentences is illegal.
“Once again they’re just as unlawful as the others and I haven’t violated any laws,” said Ayala.
The following day, GOP Representatives issued a new call the Governor to suspend Ayala.
“She either must resign or the governor must suspend her and appoint someone in her place,” said House Representative Bob Cortes.
Representative Scott Plakon said if the  the Prosecutor wants to change the law, she should resign and run for the legislature,
 “File a bill to repeal the death penalty and see if she can get the votes for it and that would be the right thing to do,” Plakon said.
Ayala is the first black State Attorney elected in Florida.
Last week, three hundred people came to support her decision and called her opponents racist, but the lawmakers pushing for her removal say it has nothing to do with race.
“Like I said if this were a white person, if this were a hispanic person I would be treating them the same,” said Cortes.
Representative Plakon said the harsh actions against Ayala are necessary to keep consistency throughout the judicial circuits.
 “You have a circuit or maybe two or three in the state that decide to in essence make law by refusing in a blanket way to enforce our laws,” Plakon said, “Does that create an equal protections argument?”
Lawmakers are also looking at cutting the State Attorney’s budget by as much as one point 4 million.
If Ayala were to be suspended she would face a trial by the Senate.

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