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Law Enforcement and State Lawmakers Celebrate New Ban on Credit Card Skimmers

October 26th, 2017 by Jake Stofan
Law enforcement officials and state lawmakers are celebrating a new law banning the possession of credit card skimmers.
Before October 1st, someone could legally own the devices used to steal credit card information, making it difficult for law enforcement to catch scammers.
 Now, law enforcement can charge a person with a 3rd degree felony for possession of a skimmer and then collect the data stored on the device to further prosecute the scammer for fraud.
“Skimmers have no purpose other than to record and steal fraudulently credit card information. Which then is uploaded or used to create false credit cards and steal peoples identities and we the tax payers ultimately pay dearly,” said Representative Robert Asencio.
Sponsors say Florida is the first state to ban the devices.


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