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House Republicans Once Again Looking to Outlaw Sanctuary Cities

November 2nd, 2017 by Jake Stofan
Republican State Representatives say they’re revamping an effort to crack down on sanctuary cities in the state.
Sanctuary cities are local governments which enact policies making it difficult for law enforcement to comply with federal immigration enforcement.
New legislation would force sanctuary policies to be repealed within 90 days of the law taking affect.
It also would impose penalties on any local governing body that refuses to comply.
“We believe that any elected official who puts his or her hand on the bible and swears to uphold the rule of law and supports sanctuary cities should be voted out of office. No official at any level can choose which laws they like and which laws they don’t like,” said House Majority Leader Representative Ray Rodrigues.
Last year the proposal was approved by the House, but never got a hearing in the Senate.

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