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Emotions Run High at Senate Rules Vote on Gun Safety

February 26th, 2018 by Mike Vasilinda

Hundreds of people showed up at a Senate Rules Committee today to ask for a ban on assault rifles. Many, like St. Petersburg Pastor Andy Oliver, accused lawmakers of selling out to the NRA.

“Many of you have constantly and consistently scored an A with the NRA. Sadly, after the shooting, you will get to continue to keep making your A, while sadly 17 students from Parkland won’t have the opportunity to make any more grades.” Oliver defiantly told lawmakers.

Mr Oliver, if you conclude your testimony please.  (BOO) If you would like him to take up all of your time we can do that.


“I will conclude.even Scalia and his opinion in Heller knew the second amendment does not cover assault rifles. So don’t be a coward and hide behind the second amendment and the NRA. The blood of these children and the one coming after that is on your hands.”

“Mr. Oliver! Mr. Oliver”

“The Blood is on your hands.” (Cheering)

The committee meets until 5:30 tonight.

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