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Parkland Parents Make Personal Plea for School Safety

February 27th, 2018 by Mike Vasilinda


Dozens of people argued today that state lawmakers were doing too little or too much in legislation designed to prevent another school shooting, but as Mike Vasilinda tells us, none were more compelling than the parents who lost a loved on in Parkland.

Father Andrew Pollock quietly stared into space for hours as lawmakers debated school safety, His daughter, 18 year old Meadow was one of 17 victims at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High. When his turn came, the emotions flowed.

“Just like we’re sitting here, no one’s worried someone’s coming through that door with a gun. But our children are gonna go to school and worry that someone is going to walk down a hallway and shoot them? Something’s not right” said the distraught father.

Next, 14 year old Alex Schachter’s father, Max, and grandfather.


“We need each one of you to step aside from politics an  reach inside as parents and grandparents and work together to make a difference” Max Schachter told lawmakers.

Then, the mother of hero teacher Scott Beigel, who was shot holding a door for students to escape,


“Scott’s focus was to keep his students safe. He did not have to make a split second decision, do I go for my gun, do I save my students? No, he didn’t have to decide shoot or save.”

Most Democrats on the House Committee voted no, but not the two Democrats from Parkland. They voted yes.”


State Rep. Jared Moskowitz attended the high school.

Sot: Rep. Jared Moskowitz

D-Broward County

“Would this bill have saved these students?”

“I mean, I’m not god. I can’t answer that. This would have given them a way better chance.”

All of the parents see this as the beginning, not the end.

While the legislation cleared its biggest committee, Democrat Moskowitz says the legislation could have trouble on the House floor because it goes too far for some Republicans and not far enough for some Democrats.

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