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“Organic” Gun Rally Draws 300

March 4th, 2018 by Mike Vasilinda

A pro gun rally that began organically with a post on Facebook  drew an estimated 300 gun advocates to the state Capitol this afternoon. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, the rally comes on the eve of a Senate vote which will have little impact on those who were there.

The social posting drew people for every corner of the state.

“Parker Florida”

“Ft. Lauderdale, Flordia.”

“Crystal River.”

“I came from Navarre to protect our second amendment rights.”

“So gallantly streaming” sand the crowd.

Their shirts and signs proclaimed their patriotism and their allegiance to the second amendment. “One nation Under god.”

Emotions were high as the names of 265 people, killed in mass violence attacks since Columbine, were read aloud.

“Parkland, Florida”

The people here are taking an oath to the Constitution.

State lawmakers are poised to vote on increased school security by allowing some personnel to be armed.

“I don’t want to add any more damn names to that list” said co-organizer Nathan Buraux.

Hands shot up when the crowd was asked who would volunteer.

“If they want to stop the killings, allow the teachers who can carry, to carry” says James Morris of Parker, FL.

Also included in the legislation are better background checks and more focus on mental health, but the legislation will have little impact on most who came. The exception, those under 21 could no longer buy a rifle.

University of Florida Student Tiffany Berkley says she would feel less safe. “People are living away…for the first time they are living away from their parents homes. And they need to know how to defend themselves, as long as you have the proper training, and everything.”

Some, like James Calkins of Navarre, call it a slippery slope.

“They’re going to try and move it up to 30. That’s what we are afraid of” he says.

The rally also brought at two long shot candidates for Governor and one Pensacola State House Candidate.

The Florida Senate will take a final vote on its school safety package when it meets at ten Monday morning.

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