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Gubernatorial Candidates Still Looking for Running Mate With Two Days to Spare

September 4th, 2018 by Jake Stofan
Gubernatorial  nominees Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum won a week ago today and they’re already facing a major deadline… who to pick for a running mate.
The deadline for Gubernatorial nominees Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum to pick a running mate is 5 pm, Thursday.
“There’s a huge risk and danger here. Now most of these people who have been speculated seem like they have no skeletons to hide, things of that nature, but they could potentially sink a ballot if something is discovered,” said TCC political science professor Dr. Richard Murgo.
DeSantis has already put out a short list of nine possible picks.
They’re mostly state lawmakers.
Political analysts say both candidates are likely to pick a more moderate Lieutenant governor, to even out their more hard line stances.
“This race is really going to come down to independents. So the Lieutenant Governor pick is going to be someone who appeals to that independent crowd,” said FAMU political science professor Dr. Christopher Daniels.
Both candidates are also likely to pick a woman to run with them.
More than half of DeSantis’ short list are women.
So are nearly all of the candidates speculated to be on Gillum’s radar.
“We’ve got two males running so we’ve got to balance that off and they’ve got to bring women to the ballot box,” said Murgo.
Initial speculation surrounding Gillum’s pick pointed to his nearest Primary opponent Gwen Graham.
Gillum told us he wants someone with Legislative experience.
“It is valuable to have had some experience building some relationships across the isle with the Legislature,” said Gillum.
State Senator Lauren Book fits that description and has been rumored to be in the running.
She organized the Parkland March on the Capitol and took on sexual harassment in the Legislature earlier this year.
She also has strong political connections.
Gillum’s campaign hasn’t confirmed any official short list of Lieutenant Governor candidates, saying the first official announcement on the matter will be the final pick.

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