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What if they forgot to change the law when Cabinet downsized?

January 16th, 2019 by Mike Vasilinda

Governor Ron DeSantis’ picks to head the state Veterans Affairs and Revenue agencies are hung up over procedural questions being pushed by the lone state wide elected Democrat.

It is the first time we’ve seen the new Governor’s temper flash in public.

State Representative Danny Burgess is an army vet.

His passion convinced the new Governor to select him to run the state Veterans Affairs agency, but now he’s caught up in a skirmish between the Governor and the State’s lone elected Democrat, Nikki Fried.

“I will have to vote no today based on process and procedure,” said Fried.

Under a requirement that was overlooked 20 years ago when the Cabinet was downsized, the appointment now requires a unanimous vote, rather than a simple majority.

The Governor pushed back.

“Well, for the Department of Veterans Affairs, the statutes require the Governor, it’s a Governor appointment, it’s not a Cabinet appointment, so I’m going to go ahead and have Danny interview. I think that’s appropriate,” said DeSantis.

Fried’s caution dates back four years when Rick Scott said the top official at the Department of Law Enforcement had resigned.
It wasn’t true.

The official was forced out.

Fried says this isn’t about Burgess but about keeping the system honest.
“To make sure we are honoring transparency and the Sunshine laws here in our state,” said Fried.

So far, two candidates have filed to replace Burgess, but for now, he remains a member of the Florida House, and will until the appointment gets worked out.

Fried is expected to support Burgess when the vote comes up at the next scheduled meeting.

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