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State Lawmakers Pushing Major Marijuana Reforms

January 22nd, 2019 by Jake Stofan

State Democrats say they’ll be proposing major marijuana legislation this year.

The proposals include everything from changes Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed like allowing smokable medical marijuana all the way to full recreational legalization.

“As Chair of the Progressive Caucus one of my responsibilities is going to make sure that we find a House and Senate sponsor for decriminalization, for full legal and adult use cannabis and for many of the reforms around medical cannabis that we’re talking about,” said Representative Carlos Gillermo Smith. “There is going to be legislation to match every single issue under the sun related to medical cannabis and adult use recreational cannabis this year.”

Other proposals include, allowing tourists with out of state medical cannabis cards to purchase cannabis in the state and extending the time a patient’s medical card is valid before they have to pay for renewal.

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