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Smokable Marijuana Headed to Chamber Floors

February 21st, 2019 by Jake Stofan

Lawmakers appear to be on track to pass Legislation that would allow smokable medical marijuana by the Governor’s mid-March deadline.

After clearing a House Committee Thursday, both the House and Senate bills are on their way to the chamber floors.

The House version prohibits smoking for anyone under the age of 18, while the Senate bill allows for the option if the patient is terminal and smoking is recommended by two doctors as the most effective treatment.

Senate Sponsor Jeff Brandes threatened to withdraw his bill early on because of an amendment that would have severely restricted access, but now says the bill closer reflects the will of the voters.

“I think it’s roughly where I’m comfortable with the bill as it stands today. I mean I’d like to add some more flexibility for those under 18 to have a pathway to access, but for the most part I’m comfortable and would be willing to stand in front of the Senate and represent that this is a good product,” said Senator Jeff Brandes.

The House bill also requires smokable medical marijuana only be dispensed in the form of pre-rolled cigarettes.

The Senate version doesn’t include that restriction.

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