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Jobless Rates Up as New Claims Fall

June 19th, 2020 by Mike Vasilinda

Florida’s jobless report released Friday shows more people were working in May, but the state’s unemployment rate is still rising.

It’s up seven tenths of a percent and now sits at 14.5 percent

Earlier this week, Governor Ron DeSantis expressed optimism about May’s unemployment numbers.

“Hopefully, positivity will be reflected,” said DeSantis Tuesday.

He was wrong.

The jobless rate is still climbing.

“Some of the furloughs that were initially identified as temporary layoffs may be more permanent,” said DEO economist Adrienne Johnston.

1.4 million Floridians are out of work.

During a virtual briefing, we asked how many people aren’t being counted because they have left the work force.

“At this time, we could pull that information and it could give us some sense of how many folks are what we call discouraged workers,” said Johnston.

But new unemployment claims are slowing.

210,000 people filed claims in the first 17 days of of June.

That’s less than half than were filed during the last 17 days of May.

However, those that are filing are still having trouble.

“I mean, its a catastrophic failure on behalf of the state,” said Shiela Houze.

Houze, an unemployed Jacksonville resident, finally got a check June 10th after trying since April, but she’s still owed back benefits.

“I should have gotten the full amount because it’s been over 12 weeks. I should have gotten my complete payout of $4,875,” said Houze.

But so far, she’s gotten on $250.

And if that payment doesn’t come before July first, Sheila expects her landlord to file an eviction notice.

Unless the moratorium on evictions is extended, which is possible, thousands of Floridians could become homeless.

Attorney’s we’ve spoken with advise having frequent conversations with your landlord or banker now.

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