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Most Floridians Were Optimistic Just Before Recent Case Spike

June 19th, 2020 by Jake Stofan

Florida set a new record for daily cases Friday, with 3,822 residents and nonresident testing positive.

Despite the steadily rising case numbers a new survey conducted by the Florida Chamber of Commerce shows Floridians by and large are optimistic about the future.

Almost six out of ten Floridians approve of the Governor’s handling of COVID-19.

About the same believe the economy will improve within six months time.

That’s a good sign to House Budget Chair Travis Cummings.

“The majority of folks seem to think that Florida’s doing a good job of the time that we shut down as well as kind of when we’re opening back up,” said Cummings.

David Hart, President & CEO of the Florida Chamber said consumer confidence often becomes reality.

“If there’s an assumption that things are going to improve, it generally breeds that result,” said Hart.

Cases have been steadily rising since June 6th when the survey began, but the survey period ended just before the four day streak of skyrocketing cases.

Democrat Representative Adam Hattersley thinks if the survey were taken again, the results may be quite different.

“We hit 2,000 new cases in a day for the first time last week, late last week, and now all of a sudden we’re at 4,000 in a day. So we have to stay focused on the current data,” said Hattersley.

Republicans like Representative James Grant aren’t surprised by the spike in cases.

Grant believes what’s more important is that hospitalizations and deaths have continued on a downward trend.

“The need to stay inside, the need to be diligent was to flatten the curve to make sure that we had the infrastructure to treat people in the healthcare system who needed it. And what we’ve seen here in Florida is that we have absolutely succeeded in doing that,” said Grant.

And despite the rapid increase in cases over the past four days, the Governor has no plans to shut down the economy again any time soon.

According to the survey Republicans were far more likely to see the situation positively compared to Democrats.

85 percent of Republicans approved of the Governor’s handling of the crisis compared to just 31 percent of Democrats.

The partisan break was similar on the six month economic outlook.

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