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Teachers Union Dubs Return to Classrooms ‘Chaos’

September 18th, 2020 by Jake Stofan

The state’s largest teachers union described Florida schools as being in a state of chaos due to what it characterizes as a poorly planned and forced return to classroom learning.

In a virtual press conference Friday, The Florida Education Association said teachers are retiring, students aren’t showing up and educators are being forced to provide in person and virtual learning simultaneously.

FEA President Andrew Spar argued all of those factors are resulting in schools failing to meeting their obligation to provide a high quality education.

“The state’s educators want to provide our students with the highest quality education they deserve. However, with looming cuts, unsustainable teaching methods and forced increases in retirement, resignations and leaves of absences our students are without certified teachers, which is shortchanging our children and Florida’s future,” said Spar.

The union is asking the state to extend the flexible funding measure included in the Department of Educations reopening order until the end of the school year.

It also is asking the state to share school case data, which so far has only been made available by districts themselves.

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