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Protestors Take to State Capitol In Opposition of Anti-Rioting Legislation

March 2nd, 2021 by Mike Vasilinda

About a hundred people arrived at the State Capitol Tuesday afternoon to make known their displeasure over proposed anti-rioting legislation.

The measure would increase penalties for non peaceful protests when police are attacked, temporarily deny bail, and punish cities that cut law enforcement funding.

Newly elected St. Petersburg State Representative Michele Rayner called the legislation discriminatory.

“You can’t really lobby the way that you want to, but you’re driving from Sarasota, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando. All of these places. You are doing the work. You are making your voice heard.And I love that you are protesting an anti protesting bill,” said Rayner.

The legislation is a top priority of the Governor and GOP leaders.

It has a hearing in its second of three committees late Wednesday afternoon.

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