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  • Turf wars: Nurses vs. Doctors. Round one to the Nurses 1, March25, 2015
    A turf war over your health care options is heating up at the State Capitol. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, it has to do with giving Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners more authority at the expense of doctors. Elizabeth Markowitz isn’t a doctor, but she has a Doctorate degree in nursing and more than 15 years […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • A First for Political Theatre: Bag Monster 1, March25, 2015
    Take a look at this. He’s called a bag monster and he was walking around the state Capitol today to dramatize the harm done by plastic bags. According to the Surfrider Foundation, the average family uses 500 plastic bags a year that end up in land fills or in our waterways.Holly Parker says the Foundation […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Hillsborough County Comes to the Capitol 1, March25, 2015
    A pirate stormed through legislation offices today passing out beads and posing for pictures with lawmakers and staff as part of Hillsborough day in the State Capitol. The annual fest fed cuban sandwiches to more than a thousand people and offered stunts from the Museum of Science along with exhibits from the Lowery Park Zoo […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Taxis are Uber Mad 1, March25, 2015
    The boom of ride sharing services through smart phones has ruffled some feathers in the traditional cab company community.  As Matt Galka tell us, taxis say ride sharers are breaking the rules, and the legislature is trying to fix that. Tom Villaverde says he used to work 80 hours a week selling cars. “And I […]
    Matt Galka
  • Cut My Taxes 1, March24, 2015
    Governor Rick Scott is facing some opposition to his plan to cut 673 million dollars in taxes this year., so he kicked off what he is calling his “Cut My Taxes Week”  with a booth in the state Capitol. Even the Governor is adding to the confusion with a TV spot in which he says […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Confederate Vets Excluded from Hall of Fame…for now 1, March24, 2015
    5 people were inducted into the Veterans Hall of Fame today, but controversy continues to swirl around three who were nominated but not chosen because they served in the Confederate army. The law as written says they must have served in the US Military. One of them was David Lang’s great grandfather, who went on […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Shifting Hurricane Risks 1, March24, 2015
    The Governor and Cabinet today authorized the Hurricane Cat fund to explore buying up to two billion in Hurricane reinsurance on the private market. The move could save billions more if the state is hit with a catastrophic storm this coming hurricane season. Ash Williams told the states executives that there has never been a […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Governor and Cabinet to Hire Attorney 1, March24, 2015
    The Governor and three Cabinet members all have private attorneys representing them in a law suit brought by media groups alleging they violated open meetings laws when the former head of the Dept of Law Enforcement was forced from office. Today, taking pains not to violate the same law, they agreed to search for a […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Who is Negotiating the Seminole Compact? 1, March24, 2015
    The state’s deal with the Seminole Indians allowing them to operate banked card games like black jack runs out in July. The Tribe is running its third TV spot in as many weeks to convince lawmakers to keep the current deal. Rick Scott has been negotiating with the Indians, but some lawmakers say he has […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Hurricane Coming? Grab That Gun 1, March24, 2015
    The Florida Senate took the first steps in making sure gun owners, who don’t have concealed carry permits, can take their firearms with them during a hurricane evacuation. As Matt Galka tells us, it’s a change from last years stance. It’s been nearly a decade since Floridians were forced from their homes because of a […]
    Matt Galka



Another Rig Explodes

September 2nd, 2010 by Anna Laura Rehwinkel

An early morning explosion in the Gulf of Mexico is sending shock waves all the way to Floridas state capitol.

An oil rig exploded just west of the infamous Deepwater Horizon explosion. There is still no word on whether or not the well is leaking oil, although a 100 foot wide sheen can be seen on the water near the site of the explosion. Governor Charlie Crist, who fought for a constitutional ban on offshore oil drilling in Florida, was still catching up on the news when we caught up with him around noon today.

Well I heard the same news. I think some of the details are yet to be revealed. We dont know what all the facts are, but obviously its very disturbing to hear about anything like that. We hope that nobody was hurt, but Im sure well no more in a few hours, said Crist.

This second explosion comes just one day after Florida House Speaker Larry Cretul told members there was no need for a special session to address issues related to the first explosion, which forced thousands of fishermen and tourism workers out of jobs. Supporters of a special session are using the incident to renew calls for returning to Tallahassee.

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