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House gives tentative approval to abolishing incentives

March 9th, 2017 by Mike Vasilinda

The State House is poking Governor Rick Scott in the eye after he asked they not reduce spending on business incentives. Late this afternoon, the House gave tentative approval to abolishing Enterprise Florida and more than a dozen other programs.

The state is asking Sanford Burnnam, which got a 155 million incentive package in 2006, to return half the money. It was example A in a state house produced video discrediting incentives.

Now, two days after Governor Rick Scott implored lawmakers to keep funding incentives, “When jobs are crated, it helps the poorest” Scott told lawmakers on Tuesday.

The House is taking the first step to end them. Paul Renner is the bills sponsor.

“We want prosperity and opportunity, but we want it for everyone, not a privileged few.”

After a million dollar rap video, Visit Florida was also in the House’s gun sights, but a majority of the members, including State Rep. kathleen Peters (R-Pinellas County)  got squeamish because their districts all rely on tourism,

“There is some compromise to insure accountability and transparency” Peters told us.

Q:”You heard from a lot of constituents?”

“I heard from a lot of people in my district.”

The Speaker expects Scott to veto the bill..if it makes it out of the Senate, so he is calling on Democrats to help override it. House democratic leader Rep. Janet Cruz of Tampa told us the Caucus is split and there is no caucus position. Cruz will vote with the Speaker.

“I have a very difficult time justifying writings million dollar checks to multi million dollar corporations when I live in aa district where the median income is thirty none thousand dollars and they just don’t see the value in that” says the minority leader.

Governor Rick Scott isn’t standing down, he’s stepping up his efforts to let constituents know what lawmakers are doing.

Scott’s Lets Get to Work Committee has been robo calling those voting for the bill.

“He voted to decimate out states jobs program” Scott tells whomever picks up the phone.

After Fridays expected floor vote killing incentives, he’ll have a lot more calls to make.

What the Senate will do with the legislation is still a big question, and may not be clear until the final day of the legislative session in May.

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