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Dilbeck Execution is 100th since 1979. Our Prayers for Faye Vann’s Family

February 21st, 2023 by Mike Vasilinda

In some ways, Faye Vann’s tragic death in the parking lot of the now defunct Tallahassee Mall  on June 24, 1990 was a result of the states inability or lack of will to keep up with an exploding population that resulted in an ever growing number of inmates. Policy makers have since worked to build sufficient prison facilities to protect the public. On that June day, escaped prison inmate Donald Dilbeck brutally murdered Faye Vann as she sat in her car in the mall parking lot, putting up a fight to the end.  Two days earlier, Dilbeck had walked away from a catering event he and other work release inmates were working in Jefferson County. The murder resulted in the state revising its work release program for those, like Dilbeck, who had committed violent crimes. In Dilbecks case, it was was a murder of a Lee County deputy, drawing a life sentence when he was just 15. Here are two stories we did following Faye Vann’s murder, rest her soul.

Dilbeck was pronounced dead at 6:13PM  Thursday, February 23, 2023.

Mike Vasilinda



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