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“Cute” Email Backfires

April 13th, 2007 by Mike Vasilinda

Immus shot off his mouth and is out of a job, and a state representative who didnt think twice about pushing the send button on an email has had to apologize. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, the apology hasn’t soothed
everyone who was offended.

It is the kind of thing that shows up in you inbox everyday. This
animated message reminds you to pay your taxes..Because 12 million
illegal aliens are depending on you. It was forwarded to every member of
the state house, and it has angered many Hispanic republicans, including Carlos Lopez-Cantera of Miami I think it was inappropriate. You are talking about peoples liveshere. And its not something to be dismissed, or just bantered about in
a humorous fashion.

The sender, State Representative Don Brown of Defuniak Springs thinks
Immigration is an important issue I do regret that in that particular context, the email was foundoffensive by my members. I didnt intend to offend anybody.

Even the governor, who didnt really want to get in the middle was
pushed for his response. Im the grandson of an immigrant…we ought to just do unto others.Its pretty simple.

One of the lessons learned here is something we call all benefit from,
and thats thinking twice before pushing the send button. The controversy may not be over. The Hispanic Caucus will talk about what if anything should happen to Brown at a meeting they have called for Monday.

While Brown has apologized for any angst he has caused his
fellow House members, he says he is not apologizing for taking a strong
stance against illegal immigration, which he calls one of the biggest
problems facing the country.

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