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January 18th, 2018 by Mike Vasilinda

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Flu Precautions Package
Edius 1
Anchor Lead
The flu has left two Florida children dead since the start of the year. As Jake Stofan tells us state health officials say this year’s season is worse than any they’ve seen.
0:27-0:36 Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer, Florida
0:40-0:47 Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer, Florida
0:58-1:04 Jake Stofan
1:13-1:19 Martha DeCastro, MS, RN
Florida Hospital Association
Runs: 1:29
Anchor Tag
People remain at risk until the end of flu season, which is in May.. Many pharmacies offer the vaccination at no cost.
Flu Precautions Package Script
The State Department of Health says it has never seen this many flu out breaks this early in the flu season.
Just since January 1st there have been 34 outbreaks throughout the state. Since the season began in October there have been more than 100.
The virus has left two children dead from flu related complications. 
It’s why Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis used his flu shot…
NAT SOT: Nurse: “I need you to hold this shirt up high.”
…as an opportunity to spread awareness.
SOT Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer, Florida
“These different types of vaccines that we’ve been able to introduce into healthcare have increased the lifespans of people… and at the end it’s good for health.”
The vaccine remains the most effective way to prevent yourself from getting sick.
SOT Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer, Florida
“It’s not going to guarantee you not getting sick, but it is absolutely better than the alternative.”
Young children and the elderly are at the highest risk of dying from the virus. 94% of the outbreaks in the state this year have been in facilities serving the at risk populations like daycares and retirement homes.
“Hospitals say they aren’t doing anything different this year than they would do any other flu season.”
Martha DeCastro is the Vice President for Nursing and Clinical Care Policy for the Florida Hospital Association. She says hospitals take precautions every flu season.
SOT Martha DeCastro, MS, RN
Florida Hospital Association
“If they’re admitted they’d be placed on isolation with special precautions that are recommended by the CDC.”
In addition to the vaccine DeCastro says avoiding large crowds and frequently sanitizing your hands…
…can help you avoid coming down with the bug.
Fraternity Suspensions Package
Edius 1
Two FSU Fraternities have been suspended for hazing violations and violating the universities ban on greek activities. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, the violations occurred both before and after the death of a 20 year old pledge which resulted in 9 frat members being charged with felony hazing.
Supers: Tallahassee
0:08-0:18 Alpha Epsilon Pi Rush Video
0:18-0:21 Nat sot
0:39-0:42 Mike Vasilinda standup
0:50-1:01 Sot: John Thrasher 
FSU President
1:08-1:13 Sot: Sen. Keith Perry
1:16-1:21 Sot: Pam Bondi
Attorney General
Runs 1:29
Anchor tag: All organized greek activity remains banned on campus.
Fraternity Suspensions
Alpha Epsilon Pi was found responsible in four out of five incidents. They include humiliating pledges during a a six week period and not supervising a party in which a woman was found unresponsive at 4:30 in the morning. 
The fraternity is suspended for four years.
Nat so of Thrasher “I am imposing an indefinite interim suspension on all fraternities.”
Four days after the university suspended all greek activity,  FSU police found 50 members of The Chi Phi Fraternity violating the ban. They were in their underwear at 3 in the morning at the fountain in front of the administration building. It is suspended for two years.
Mike Vasilinda
“Neither fraternity responded to a request for a comment.”
At a trustees meeting In Panama City, we asked FSU President John Thrasher if the cases would be referred to prosecutors.
Sot: John Thrasher 
“If the State Attorney or somebody makes a complaint to the State Attorney  , he would would make a decision on whether there would be any criminal charges made, or to make and govern himself accordingly.”


Gainesville State Senator Keith Perry, who sits on the higher ed appropriations committee says they culture has to change.

Sot: Sen. Keith Perry
“So how do we break that, how do we understand, and I’m not sure what the answers are, but I know we need to do more.”
The Attorney General Agrees.
Sot: Pam Bondi
Attorney General
“they’ve got to get their act together and if they are going to be on a campus, they have to abide by the law.
But apparently the Greek community hasn’t gotten the message.
Vo/Sot: Texting. 
Governor Rick Scott, who rarely voices an opinion on pending legislation, today came out in support of making texting while driving a primary offense. The legislation would allow police to stop motorists without first observing some other violation.
Sot: Rick Scott
“I haven’t seen the bill, but I clearly think that we ought to look at doing something like that, You know, you see too many accidents were people are distracted, so no one should be texting and driving.”
Anti texting advocates have fought for tougher texting laws for at least the last four years. Lat month, the House Speaker, who had previously blocked the change, said statistics show the danger and he is now supporting primary enforcement.
Needle Exchange VOSOT
Florida ranks the highest in new HIV cases in the country, in large part due to opioid addicts sharing dirty needles. Nearly 5,000 were newly diagnosed last year alone.
To combat the spread of the blood transmitted diseases lawmakers are proposing a statewide needle exchange program. It would be modeled after a program successfully implemented in Miami-Dade county, by not only providing clean needles for addicts, but also offering addiction resources and education for those who want to to get clean. Representative Shervin Jones is sponsoring the Legislation.
SOT Representative Shervin Jones
(D) West Park
“This act would bring about a program that would offer educational tools that would help prevent substance abuse and act as a liaison for victims of the opioid crisis and other substance abuse epidemics. We must understand that by educating the public about this crisis and how we can use preventative measures, could be the difference between life and death. “
Treatment for a single person infected with HIV costs tax payers an average of $379,000 throughout their life time. It’s roughly the same amount of money that it takes to run a needle exchange facility for a year.

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