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Daily Scripts

August 14th, 2019 by Mike Vasilinda
Wednesday, August 14, 2019

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Social Security

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Anchor Lead

Social security is celebrating its 84th birthday today. Implemented in 1935 the program distributes hundreds of billions of dollars to seniors and people with disabilities throughout the nation each year. As Jake Stofan tells us seniors throughout the state held birthday celebrations for the program that more than half a million Floridians benefit from.


0:00-0:12 Jake Stofan

0:18-0:23 Bill Sauers

Florida Alliance for Retired Americans

0:40-0:49 Bill Sauers

Florida Alliance for Retired Americans

0:49-1:00 Jake Stofan

Anchor Tag

As of 2017 more than 578,000 Floridians received Social Security benefits totaling more than $324 million a year.

Social Security LOOK LIVE

Look live in

“Cut the cake not social security. That’s the motto retirees celebrating 84 years of the program are touting. They say one of the biggest challenges the program faces is the myth that it will one day run out.”

But Bill Sauers with the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans says the program is self sustaining.

SOT Bill Sauers

Florida Alliance for Retired Americans

“The more people you have involved the lower the cost and the risk for everyone involved.”

Baby boomers are projected to see smaller payments by 2035, but advocates say even that could be avoided by raising the current cap.

Annual earnings above $132,900 aren’t subject to the 6.2 percent social security tax.

SOT Bill Sauers

Florida Alliance for Retired Americans

“Raise that to $250,000 we would have enough money to pay 100 percent benefits for ever and ever. Amen! Plus have money to expand it.”

Look live out

“The maximum benefit for a worker retiring at 66, is $2,861 a month.”

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