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Daily Scripts

June 18th, 2019 by Mike Vasilinda

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Capitol News Service Feed
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Trump Voter
Edius 1
A Tallahassee area restaurant owner who passed on nine Presidential elections before registering to vote so she could cast a ballot for Donald Trump says she will vote to re-elect the President, but as Mike Vasilinda tells us,  her unquestioning support for the President is waining
0:00-0:17 Mike Vasilinda
0:18-0:41 Sot: Pan Buchanan
Restaurant Owner
0:52-0:53 Mike Vasilinda
Anchor tag: Pam supports the Presidents push to keep immigrants out of the country, but she’s not keen on building a wall. She’s luke warm on tariffs because she says she often buys goods made in China.
Trump Voter LOOK LIVE Script:
MV:”Four years ago, the then fifty four year old owner of this restaurant registered to vote for the first time and surprised pollsters when she became one of a hundred and thirteen thousand people who showed up to vote for Donald Trump. This time, Pam Buchanans vote won’t be a surprise.”
Sot: Pan Buchanan
Restaurant Owner
“I never ever thought that somebody would be degrading somebody in his position
As bad as they are. And then him doing the same thing. You know, they’re all just being immature kids right now.  Want to back him for everything that he’s doing, I think he’s still doing good. He’s still got a lot of them scared. He’s doing a lot of what he said he was going to do.”
MV:”And while Pam Buchanan says she is tired of all the name calling in Washington, she says she has never considered not voting for the President again.”
Capitol News Service Feed
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Sheriff Suspension
Edius 1
Anchor lead
Suspended Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel began making his case for reinstatement this morning. The Governor removed Israel from office for what he called incompetence and neglect of duty over his response to the Parkland shooting, but as Jake Stofan tells us, Israel’s legal team sis calling the removal a political stunt.
0:00-0:10 Jake Stofan
0:20-0:27 Nicholas Primrose
Attorney Representing Governor’s Office
0:33-0:41 Benedict Kuehne
Attorney Representing Scott Israel
0:41-0:52 Jake Stofan
Anchor tag
Israel’s Attorney’s asked to delay the final hearing to give them time to obtain documents related to the arrest of former MSD school resource officer Scot Petersen, but were denied by the Special Master.
Sheriff Suspension LOOK LIVE
Look live in
“Suspending Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, was one of Governor Ron DeSantis’ first actions after taking office but it will be up to the Senate to decide whether or not to uphold the suspension.”
Arguing their case before a Special Master, the Governor’s lawyers argued negligence and incompetence on Sheriff Israel’s part lead to more deaths during the Parkland shooting.
SOT: Nicholas Primrose
Attorney Representing Governor’s Office
“Scott Israel failed to properly train and prepare his deputies for real life, active shooter situations.” 
But Israel’s attorneys argued the Sheriff ordered more training for active shooter situations than is required under law.
SOT Benedict Kuehne
Attorney Representing Scott Israel
“This is sad, to have politicized the lived of children.”
Look live out
“Once the final hearing concludes the special master will make his recommendation to the Senate. A final decision from the Senate could come as early as this fall.”

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