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Moving Violation Bills Moving In Tallahassee

April 11th, 2008 by flanews

Three bills moving in Tallahassee could drastically change the way you drive. As Whiney Ray tells us, new restrictions, new requirements, and new ways of catching violators could soon be the law of Florida.

Hear it here: Moving Violation Bills Moving In Tallahassee

Motorcycle wheelies would be a no-no under proposed legislation. Bikers who are serial speeders are being targeted for tough penalties.

Before it gets to the floor we may put a stronger monetary penalty on the third offense, somewhere in the range of five and ten thousand dollars, said bill sponsor Carlos Lopez-Cantera.

One bill would strengthen the states seatbelt law by allowing officers to pull you over if youre not buckled up.

Seatbelts are already required in Florida, but police cant ticket you unless youve done something wrong.

With pictures in hand to prove seat belts save lives, sponsor Rich Glorioso wants police to be able to write tickets for not wearing seatbelts, even if everything else is okay.

This will save about 200 lives a year, 2,700 serious injuries, and disabling injuries, about 600 million dollars in economic damages and 12 million dollars in medical, said Glorioso.

A third bill would let local governments put cameras on state roads to catch people running red lights. A handful of cities already use the camerasbut not on a state right of way. Police officers say this idea is also about saving lives.

We want to reduce the number of red-light crashes in Florida and ultimately reduce the number of deaths, said Tallahassee Police Captain David Folsom

The message from lawmakers this year: Buckle up, watch your speed, and stop for red lights or face the consequences. Another bill making waves at the Capitol would keep people under 18 from getting their licenses until they passed a drivers education class.

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