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Daily Scripts

November 13th, 2016 by Mike Vasilinda

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gambling LOOK LIVE

Edius 1

For the first time since 2010, state lawmakers are increasing the odds a new gambling deal will emerge by the time they finish, and as Mike Vasilinda tells us, it could result in fewer greyhounds being raced, and more slots in counties that have approved them.


0:00-0:09 Mike Vasilinda

0:10-0:18 Sot: Ron Book

Gaming Lobbyist.

0:35-0:44 Sot: Re. Jose Felix Diaz

House Gaming Negotiator


0:45-0:56 Mike Vasilinda

Anchor Tag: Lawmakers are moving toward allowing dog tracks to stop racing greyhounds. Undecided is whether county voters where tracks are located must first vote. Animal rights activists are thrilled.

Gaming LOOK LIVE Script:

MV:” Lawmakers face pressure from two fronts to come up with a quick decision on gambling. First is the courts. Second is a citizens initiative.”

Sot: Ron Book

Gaming Lobbyist.

“that’s what in part is certainly pushing the House, the court decisions, and not wanting further expansion by judicial edict as opposed to conscious edict by the policy makers.

Still on the table is whether 8 counties where voters approved slots will get them. The Senate, which proposed the idea is holding firm, but offered to reduce the number of machines to appease a reluctant house.

Sot: Re. Jose Felix Diaz


“the federal courts. they continue to take positions that expand gaming in Florida. And if we really want to curb gaming, it would some sense to expand a little.”

MV: “And the bottom line. In addition to fearing what the court or citizens may do, lawmakers would also like the money from increased gambling revenues.”

Groveland Four

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Anchor Lead

For the second day in a row, the State Senate is apologizing for the state for a past wrong. As Jake Stofan tells us, it’s an apology 67 years in the making.


0:00-0:10 Jake Stofan

0:15-0:22 Sen. Gary Farmer

D-Ft. Lauderdale

0:28-0:41 Carol Greenlee

Daughter of Charles Greenlee

0:41-0:51 Jake Stofan

Anchor Tag

The resolution calls for the Governor to speed up the exoneration process for the four boys and issue a formal apology on behalf of the State.

Groveland Four LOOK LIVE Script


“Four black men wrongfully accused of raping a white woman in 1947 were not here to learn the state apologized, but their families are grateful.”

State Senator Gary Farmer called the affair shameful.

Sot Sen. Gary Farmer

D-Ft. Lauderdale

“ We cannot change the hands of time. We cannot go back to this terrible event and undo it, but we can acknowledge our wrongs.”

Now surviving family members say the legislative apology has lifted a burden from their families.

Carol Greenlee

Daughter of Charles Greenlee

“This means a future for Florida. This means a future for children. This means that something positive has come out of something so wrong and so negative and so bad. “


“Carol Greenlee says her father has always wanted forgiveness for what happened to him, with this apology she says he finally has it.”

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