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October 18th, 2018 by Mike Vasilinda


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Capitol News Service Feed
Thursday, October 18, 2018
Marijuana Appeal
Edius 1
Anchor lead
The state has  until 5pm Friday to appeal a circuit court ruling that could drastically change the state’s medical marijuana industry. The order was issued two weeks ago, but as Jake Stofan tells us  some say campaign politics may be why there has been a delay in filing the appeal.
0:00-0:17 Jake Stofan
0:33-0:45 Jeff Sharkey
Medical Marijuana Business Association
0:45-0:57 Jake Stofan
Anchor Tag
As of mid-afternoon Thursday, no appeal had been filed, despite the Speaker of the House, incoming speaker and other to House members supporting an appeal.
Marijuana Appeal LOOK LIVE
Look live in
“Circuit Court Judge Charles Dodson struck down major parts of the law implementing medical marijuana earlier this month. If the state doesn’t appeal by Friday at 5 pm it could open up more licenses for growers, and make the already complex  system more complicated.”
Dodson gave the Department of Health until 5 pm Friday to register Florigrown as a medical marijuana treatment center and begin registering other treatment centers.
Fighting the expansion of medical marijuana, which was overwhelmingly supported by Florida voters might complicate the Governor’s Senate campaign.
SOT Jeff Sharkey
Medical Marijuana Business Association
“We have 71% of the people in the state who voted for this, you know there may be some concern about whether or not appealing this is saying, we don’t support medical cannabis.”
Look live out
“If the  ruling is ultimately upheld it could be bad news for growers who already have licenses. More growers means they’ll have less market share.”
Capitol News Service
Thursday, October 18, 2018
Got a Job Preliminary Script
Edius 1
Thousands of people in the panhandle are either unable to work or their their jobs disappeared with Hurricane Michael’s winds.  But as Mike Vasilinda tells us, the state has activated two programs to help get people back on their feet.
0:00-0:18 Mike Vasilinda (Chattahoochee, FL)
0:19-0:35 Sot: Cissy Proctor
Deep of Economic Opportunity Ex Director
0:40-0:44 Sot: Aquilla Washington
Temporarily unemployed
0:45-0:55 Mike Vasilinda
Anchor tag: The state has two and a half million for the programs. Once it’s gone, more cash will come from the federal government.
Got a Job LOOK LIVE Script
MV:” Here on the grounds of Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee, the state has set up a mobile job assistance center. Two programs are available. The first is Disaster Unemployment Assistance. That will pay unemployment benefits for people put out of work by the hurricane. The second program will pay people to go to work an help in disaster recovery.
Sot: Cissy Proctor
Deep of Economic Opportunity Exec. Director
“There are a lot of people all over the panhandle in so many counties and  communities  that not only don’t have a job but don’t have a place to go if there was electricity because so many buildings don’t have roofs and a lot of buildings don’t exist anymore, so they can’t open.”
Aquilla Washington worked in a day care center until Michael hit.
Sot: Aquilla Washington
Temporarily unemployed.
“I can help clean up the debris. I can serve food. I can do all that.”
MV:”This center had planned closing at noon and moving to another location, but the need was so great, they’re going to stay here all day.”

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