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Murder Memorabilia Causing Pain

September 13th, 2007 by Mike Vasilinda

Roy Brown, who’s daughter Amanda disappeared almost ten years ago, is angry tonight. A web site which he says glorifies killers and allows them to profit from their crimes is no longer selling a letter from the man who went to death row for her murder, but as Mike Vasilinda tells us Mr Brown is fighting to keep killers from cashing in on their fame.

Hear it here

Roy Brown and his wife Silvia placed a white rose near daughter Amanda’s picture earlier this week during a missing children’s day ceremony at the capitol. Amanda disappeared in 1998. Her body has never been found. Crabber Willie Crain got the max.  A letter from Crain showed up on this web site along with art work and personal items from other killers looking to cash in. Roy Brown says it’s wrong.

“We pay for this guy to breath.  It’s bad enough that he gets to see his daughter, I’ll never get to see mine.  Now he’s making money off my daughter!  There’s something wrong with this.” says Brown.

Florida’s law says killers can’t profit from their crime….Roy Brown says the web site has found a way around the law, and he wants it stopped.

“He gives them presents; he buys them shirts, pants, cigarettes, whatever, which is the same thing.  This website needs to be shut down” says the father.

Selling things like a killer’s handprint on a website probably isn’t illegal, but if that killer profits or his family profits from it through a gift, that might be. Roy Brown met with an aide to the governor. The Attorney General’s office says it also wants to know more about the web site.

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