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PIP Lives

October 5th, 2007 by Mike Vasilinda

Most motorists have gotten a notice that Personal Injury Protection, or PIP coverage went away October first. Expect a new notice telling you it’s back. Today, as Mike Vasilinda tells us, Florida Lawmakers acted with lightening speed and sent legislation to the Governor re enacting PIP.
Hear it Here: PIP Lives

Between now and January 1st, the question of who pays when there’s a car accident could get confusing. No fault auto insurance went away last Monday,

Rep. Martin Kair asked bill sponsor Ellyn Bogdanoff, “Do you agree that it may be a significant amount of people might be on the road without PIP after a three-month period?”

Bogdanoff replied, “No, actually I would disagree. It’s probably not going to be a lot at all.”

But thanks to a vote of the state legislature, No Fault is coming back with the new year.

The comprise legislation attempts to curb fraud by keeping doctor-owned clinics from treating patients and running up charges.

But the big question now is what happens if you are in an accident before the new year?

Bill Sponsor Ellyn Bogdanoff says that depends.

“If you’re in the No Fault system, if both of them are in the No Fault system, it’s clear. It’s what we had before, it’s No Fault,” Bogdanoff said. “But if you have two people that are in the tort system, because they don’t have No Fault, because they are not required by law to carry it until January 1, then it’s going to be a pure tort system.”

Governor Charlie Crist is almost singlehandedly responsible for the comeback after working the phones into the night.

“You’d rather have somebody have ten thousand dollars worth of coverage than none. Kind of a straightforward view,” Crist said.

Insurance backed groups that wanted PIP to go away say now you’ll pay.

“You’re going to have to pay that extra premium that you weren’t going to pay because you were no longer required to pay for the no fault,” Alison North Jones with Floridians for Lower Insurance Costs said.

There are an average of 700 vehicle wrecks every day in Florida. That will leave insurance companies with a lot to sort out between now and the new law taking effect January first.

If you are unclear about your insurance status, the state’s Chief Financial Officer suggests you call your agent to make sure of your coverages.

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