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Property Taxes Back on Front Burner

October 9th, 2007 by Mike Vasilinda

The Governor and Florida lawmakers are close to a deal on cutting
property taxes. The first effort, known as a super sized homestead
exemption was ruled unconstitutional. Now as Mike Vasilinda tells us,
voters will still have something to vote on January 29th.

Hear it Here: Property Taxes Back on Front Burner

The new property tax cutting plan doubles the 25 thousand dollar
homestead exemption to 50 thousand dollars, although homes would have to
be worth that much to take advantage of the additional exemption.
Under the new scheme, the first 25 thousand dollars in value on this
house would be exempt from taxes. Then the owner would pay taxes on the
next 25 thousand and then anything over 50 to 75 would be exempt as well.

It is a plan Charlie Crist likes. I think we have a pretty good idea of what the people want. You know, they kind of scream it to us as we walk around the state. Its no secret
what they would like to have happen. And this isnt the end of it
either. We can keep chopping away.

There is also a provision to allow homeowners to take their homestead
exemption with them when they move, although their home value will rise
more quickly than someone who stays put. Small businesses will be able
to exempt some of their equipment from taxes. Local governments, who
opposed the last attempt, say the devil will be in the yet to be
released details. John Thomas from the League of Cities wants to be more involved.
You cant have true reform and not have us at the table right now.
These are deals that are being done without us being totally involved
like we should.

Lawmakers are considering extending their current special session on the
budget to work on the tax amendment over the weekend and into next week.
They face an October 29th deadline to have something ready for the ballot.
The Governor says the state will drop the appeal on the
first amendment if lawmakers come up with something workable for the
January ballot

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