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Droopy Drawers Illegal in Florida Public Schools?

December 12th, 2007 by flanews

Saggy pants that show underwear.  For many school-aged kids, it’s a fashion statement.  But a Florida lawmaker doesn’t think showing underwear is conducive to learning. He wants to suspend children who wear pants or shorts hanging low.  As Chris Casquejo tells us, students think the idea is an infringement on their personalities.

Here it here: Droopy Drawers Illegal in Florida Public Schools?

You see the look on high schoolers everywhere.  Pants pulled way down and shorts that drop to their ankles.  Under a proposed law, students with droopy drawers would get a warning, then a 3 day in school suspension the second time they broke the rules. A third offense would get them suspended for 10 days in school.

Ninth grader Nicholas Carr thinks making low pants or shorts illegal goes too far.  He does not believe the style
distracts students.

“We just do our work in the classroom,” Carr said.  “We don’t worry about having our pants down.  Teachers don’t say nothing or nothing like that.”

The bill’s sponsor believes that if more kids knew the origins of wearing their pants down low, they’d keep them pulled up.
Senator Gary Siplin is an Orlando Democrat.

“That’s the real explanation behind the saggy pants,” Sen. Siplin said.  “In prison, when a person is available for that night, he wears his pants saggy.”

The fad has been around for several years.  But even those who wore their trousers down in the past support the proposed law.

“It’s totally inappropriate,” said 22-year-old Alfonso Keaton.  “Why walk into school, you know, barely dressed?”

A similar law was proposed earlier this year, but the full Senate never took it up.

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