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Red Light Runners to be Caught on Camera

January 9th, 2008 by flanews

Red-light running drivers kill at least 100 people each year in Florida. But a key lawmaker is supporting a proposal to ticket motorists who are caught on camera running red lights. As Chris Casquejo tells us, if youre ticketed, your insurance rates wont go up.

Here it here: Key Lawmakers Support Red-Light Camera Law

Each year, drivers who blow through red lights cause about 6,300 accidents in Florida. Thats why lawmakers want to set statewide standards for cities and counties that want to use cameras to ticket violators. It worries some motorists.

Its not right, shouldnt do it, said Kevin McMahon.

McMahon believes the proposed law is an invasion of privacy.

The way things are now, every time you turn around, theres a camera watching you do something around town, he said.

If the measure becomes law, it would allow cities and counties to slap $125 fine on the owner of a vehicle captured on camera running a red light.

Citations would work like parking tickets. No points would go on drivers’ records. A key lawmakers who blocked the bill last year now says the cameras wont be used to capture other violations.

We are going to allow red light cameras,” said Rep. Carey Baker, a Republican from Eustis. “But we really dont want it to go any further than that.

Supporters of red-light cameras agree that privacy is paramount.

I think that safety is very important,” said Kristen Kirk. “I think our own privacy is important as well, yet when were citizens of community, we need to follow the rules of that community.

With newfound support in the legislature, the red light camera measure has a better than even chance of passing this spring.

12 states already have laws allowing red-light cameras. Another 20 states, in addition to Florida, are considering similar laws.

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