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Crist On a Short List of VP Candidates

February 12th, 2008 by flanews

Florida is increasingly being called a purple state, a state which could go either way in a Presidential election. Our 27 Electoral votes are crucial to who becomes the next President of the United States. Because the state is so important, and because of a rare change in Florida law, Mike Vasilinda tells us Governor Charlie Crist is high on the short list of possible Vice Presidential candidates.

Hear it here: Crist On a Short List of VP Candidates

Charlie Crist got his four year job as Governor just over a year ago. A few months later, state lawmakers changed the law to allow anyone with a four year term to run as a federal candidate in the middle of that term. Under the new laws, it is actually possible for Charlie Crist to run for the Vice Presidency and not give up his job unless he wins. Incoming House Speaker Ray Sansom said the law wasnt specifically changed to help the governor.

I think the Governor, hes a team player and you know, this is something that would certainly open up an opportunity for him, said Sansom.

But the changes helped move Crist high on the list of potential running-mates for John McCain. McCain himself recognizes Florida could go either way come November.

I dont think that any Republican nominee for President can win the nomination without Florida, said McCain.

So we asked the governor if hes interested.

That is a question Im getting used to, but Ill give the same answer: I am focused on Florida. Im trying to do the best job I can to be the best Governor for a state I love enormously, said Crist.

Thousands of Democrats helped elect Crist Governor. And while the selection for Vice President is still months away, the Governor isnt saying he isnt interested. Many credit the Governors endorsement of McCain on the eve of the primary as the sole reason McCain won in Florida. Prior to Crists endorsement, McCain and Mitt Romney were in a virtual tie with the Arizona Senator trending downward.

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