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Talking on Phone While Driving Could Soon Be Illegal

April 1st, 2008 by flanews

Teens could no longer use cell phones while driving under legislation moving at the capitol. The bill would also make it illegal for any driver to send text messages. As Whitney Ray tells us, lawmakers say the bill is about safety, but others say it doesnt go far enough to protect drivers.

Todays drivers are more distracted than ever. Navigation devices, Ipods, and of course cell phones compete with the road for drivers attention. Senator Carey Baker wants teens to turn off their phones before they turn on their cars.

Those who are under 18 who are still quiet frankly learning to drive who have not developed the skills to be a proficient driver and should not be on a cell phone, said Baker.

A Senate committee unanimously agreed, approving a bill making it illegal for drivers under 18 to use their phones. The bill would also keep drivers of all ages from sending text messages. While the bill would ban text messaging while driving your car, it wouldnt keep people from dialing their phone. Senator Frederica Wilson said Bakers bill doesnt go far enough. Wilson proposed legislation banning all drivers from texting and dialing their phones while on the road. Her bill was voted down.

People are losing their lives. Their getting maimed,” said Wilson.

Bikers say when drivers are using their cell phones theyre not paying attention.

These people are on their cell phones and you can watch them, wham. When youre in rush hour traffic where can you go? said biker Robert Conroy

Opponents of Bakers bill say it would be hard to prove whether or not a driver was texting or simply dialing a number. If the bill is signed into law, people caught texting while driving would have to pay a 60 dollar fine on top of court cost.

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