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Lawmakers Want Some Drivers to Neuter Their Trucks

April 18th, 2008 by flanews

Lawmakers want to ban a truck accessory some find offensive. Theyre called Truck Nutz. Truck Nutz are plastic replicas of bull genitalia and as Whitney Ray tells us, drivers hang them from their bumpers.

For some people their truck is their most prized possession. They raise the cab, upgrade the tires, and even give their truck a gender. Todays masculine vehicles have Truck Nutz. While some people think the plastic testicles are offensive, other just think theyre funny. Truck driver Lee Wagner isnt laughing.

You cant ban stupidity, said Wagner.

But Thursday Senators took a step toward clipping the potentially offensive accessory. If signed into law, drivers would have to neuter their vehicles or face a 60 dollar ticket. Men, who decided not to emasculate their vehicles, may face a stiffer penalty.

Would you ever date a guy who had a pair of these on his truck, a Capitol News reporter asked FAMU Sophomore Ava Virella.

Virella considered the question, but then decided.

I doubt it, I really doubt it, said Virella.

Opponents of the bill say these are just an expression of free speech and banning them would violate the constitution.

If you want to put them on then put them on, but I wouldnt put them on my car, nah, not on my car, said Shivaya Way.

Some say just the fact that lawmakers are debating the issue proves theyve gone nuts. A ban on Truck Nutz was added as an amendment to a transportation bill. The main purpose of the bill is to allow hybrid drivers unlimited access to the carpool lane.

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