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More Questions than Answers in Case of Murdered Police Informant

May 12th, 2008 by flanews

The parents of two men involved in the shooting of a police informant say their sons were set up and they didnt do it. Twenty-three year-old Rachel Hoffman was murdered last week and as Whitney Ray tells us, there are more questions than answers.

Hear it Here: More Questions than Answers in Case of Murdered Police Informant

Rachel Hoffman was working as an informant for Tallahassee Police. She was supposed to meet her marks at this park and instead went somewhere else. Attorneys for Hoffmans family say she should have never been put in such a dangerous situation.

They knew they would be armed because she was sent there to purchase a firearm, which she has had no experience in, said attorney Johnny Devine.

Police said Hoffman was used because of her past run-ins with the law.

Rachel was already involved in illegal narcotics. She had already been arrested for 20 grams of marijuana, said Tallahassee Police Spokesman David McCranie.

The stepfather and father-in-law of the two men involved, Karey Freeman, said his sons didnt murder Hoffman. Freeman shed tears of remorse for the victims family.

We would not wish this on anyone, said Karey Freeman. Im very sorry.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the murder case. Whether or not the sting operation was handled properly will be left up to police to decide.

Tallahassees mayor has not yet called for an outside investigation. The suspects stepfather and father-in-law says the two were targeted while working at this car detail shop. He says the victim coerced the two men into finding drugs for her to buy.

This young lady kept coming by and she kept telling them, that this is going to be an easy deal and this is just a transfer, I can get the money if you can get the stuff, said Freeman.

Neither man has been charged with murder. Monday afternoon Tallahassee Police released their public record on Hoffman. Hoffman was the victim of at least three home invasions and a car break-in.

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