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Florida College Students Could Decide Who Wins the State, Maybe the Election

November 3rd, 2008 by Mike Vasilinda

College students could make the difference in who wins Florida tomorrow. A record number of students have registered to vote. Political scientist Lance DeHaven Smith says if they do vote, students could be the deciding factor.

Every indication is that the students are going to turn out in much larger numbers, Dehaven Smith said. Turnout amongst students went up in 2004, but it didnt go up any more than it had for the electorate as a whole. We had an increase in turnout nationally. This time I think the student turn out is going to be dramatically up and that could be the deciding factor in this election. Florida elections, remember 2000 was decided by 537 votes, you get thousands and thousands of students going to the polls and it could definitely be the difference.

Dehaven Smith estimates that students are registering Democrat over Republican by a 2-1 margin

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