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Electors to Meet

December 15th, 2008 by Mike Vasilinda

You only thought you went to the polls November 4th to vote for a President. You were actually voting for an elector, and in all 50 Capitols and the District of Columbia today,† 538 people are casting the official vote for President and Vice President of the United States. The process dates back to the founding our country, and as Mike Vasilinda tells us, the electors donít necessarily have to follow what voters told them.

Their names werenít on the ballot, but when voters went to the polls November 4th, they werenít really voting for President…they were voting for electors who are constitutionally charged with electing a president and vice president.

Florida has 27.† The number is equal to the number of representatives in Congress and the US Senate.

Each party submitted a list of 27 people to the Governor. Since Obama won, the electors on the Democrats list came to the Capitol to cast their ballots. Most are party faithful. 2 were substantial fund raisers for Obama.

The electors include teachers and labor organizers, and local party chairman.

While selected by the Democratic Party…the electors arenít bound to vote for Obama…they can vote for anyone they choose.

Meeting in the state Senate Chambers, the electors, one by one, will sign seven copies attesting to their vote. Congress will meet in joint session on January 6th to open the letters.

3 times in our nationís history, 1876, 1888 and 2000, the winner in electoral votes failed to win a majority of the popular vote.

Here is a list of the 2008 Florida Electors.

W. Chip Arndt, Miami-Dade

T. Wayne Bailey, Volusia

Freddy Balsera, Miami-Dade

Terrie Brady, Duval

Mayor Karl Flagg, Putnam

State Rep. Joe Gibbons, Broward

Janet Goen, Pinellas

James Golden, Manatee

Chris Hand, Duval

Marlon Hill, Miami-Dade

State Sen. Tony Hill, Duval

Joan Joseph, Palm Beach

City Commissioner Allan Katz, Leon

Gena Keebler, Pinellas

Joan Lane, Volusia

Caren Lobo, Sarasota

Rick Minor, Leon

Jared Moskowitz, Broward

Angela Rodante, Hillsborough

Frank Sanchez, Hillsborough

Juanita Scott, Escambia

State Rep. Geraldine Thompson, Orange

Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman, Marion

Carmen Torres, Orange

Kirk Wagar, Miami-Dade

Enoch Williams, Seminole

State Sen. Frederica Wilson, Miami-Dade

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