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Specialty Tags in Danger

June 24th, 2009 by flanews

A hike in vehicle registration fees could curb cash flowing to some non-profit organizations. This summer the cost of registering your car with the state will go up as much as 12 bucks depending on your cars size. Specialty tags arent exempt from the increase. As Whitney Ray tells us, if people stop buying specialty tags many nonprofits will lose an important source of revenue.

Drivers in Florida can display their school pride on their plates, sports fans can root for their team with their tags, and wildlife lovers can drive with their favorite beast on their bumpers. Florida has 114 specialty plates, but the number could soon fall.

When it comes to the specialty tags, except for the universities and colleges, there must be a mandatory minimum of 1,000 valid registrations associated with that tag, said Ann Nucatola

Right now only one tag, a corrections plate, is on the probation list but that could soon change. The price of renewing all Florida license plates will go up September 1st, some as much as 12 bucks.

But even though drivers will be paying more, organizations that benefit from the sale of specialty plates wont see an extra dime. Jim Steele, who has an FSU tag on his truck, doesnt like the math.

In a way it will discourage me, but it wont discourage me enough to keep me from buying the tag, said Steele.

Natasha Hutton has a wildflowers tag on her truck.

It will discourage a lot of people from buying the tag, but Ill probably continue supporting the cause, said Hutton.

If the fee increase leads to fewer sales, it may do what critics have been unable to do: reduce the number of specialty plates available to drivers. If your tags expire before November 30th you can actually avoid paying the fee increase by reregistering their vehicles before September 1st.

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