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Cutting the Phone Line

July 9th, 2009 by flanews

Students at Florida State University will no longer be able to reach some professors on their office phones. The FSU College of Business and the Department of English are cutting landlines to save money. As Whitney Ray tells us, if the plan takes off, other colleges could begin nixing their landline service.

Many professors are starting to give out their cell phone numbers to students. Not to be more accessible, but because money is tight. FSU Junior Tyler David got his professors cell phone number off the class syllabus.

I think that its a good idea just in case you really need to get in touch with them, you have an important question, whatever it might be, said Tyler.

While Tyler likes the extra access, FSU Freshman Meredyth Cassell thinks calling a professor on their cell phone is too personal.

I think it should be kept professional between the student and teacher and giving them your cell phone number kind of makes it more of friend sort of thing, Meredyth.

The English Department is the latest college to cut landlines. Dr Ralph Berry, Chairman of FSUs English Department, says professors are sacrificing their personal cell phone minutes to stay in touch with students.

Given the range of options of what weve got to cut this feel relatively painless when you compare it to the other things we might have to give up, said Dr. Berry.

FSU is laying off 200 faculty employees and closing some departments.

The College of Business turned off half its lights to save electricity.

The penny pinching is adding up. FSU is expected to save 3.5 million dollars in utility cost this year. And with the economy forcing everyone to tighten their belts, finding the least harmful way to cut cost may mean cutting the landline.

The FSU College of Business cut landlines last year and saved thousands of dollars. Cutting the landlines in the English Department is expected to save 16-thousand dollars.

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