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Defense Rests in Bradshaw Case

December 14th, 2009 by flanews

The attorneys defending a man accused of killing confidential police informant Rachel Hoffman took just 15 minutes to present their case today. The attorneys for Deneilo Bradshaw say his co-defendant was the triggerman and As Whitney Ray tells us, they called on jail house snitches to collaborate their story.

In an opening statement that lasted less than two minutes, the defense told jurors their client didnt pull the trigger.

Andrea Green shot and killed Rachel Hoffman, said Defense Attorney Chuck Hobbs.

Deneilo Bradshaw is on trial for the murder of Tallahassee Police Informant Rachel Hoffman. Prosecutors say Bradshaw and his brother-law Andrea Green shot Hoffman to death during a botched drug sting. The defense says Green was the lone triggerman.

The defense called on two jailhouse snitches who were locked up with Green. One witnesses wanted the cameras turned off during his testimony. He didnt get his way.

Defense: Mr. Aldridge, isnt it true that at some point in time during your conversation with Mr. Green that he told you that he himself killed Rachel Hoffman?

Dekovin Aldridge: Yes.

The defense also claimed Green threatened to kill their client if he didnt follow the plan. Once the defense rested prosecutors called Tallahassee Police Officer Tom Maltese to the stand. Maltese interviewed Green before the two were arrested. He says Green denied shooting Hoffman and says he never threatened Bradshaw.

Prosecutor: Did Mr. Green ever tell you that he threatened Mr. Bradshaw?

Maltese: Not to my knowledge. No.

The defense took just 15 minutes presenting its case. The jury is expected to take much longer. The judge told jurors to bring extra clothes and prepare for an overnight stay once deliberation begins Tuesday afternoon. Bradshaw faces the death penalty in this case. Greens trial is scheduled for October.

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